Kettle Scrape™ is a patented solid hardwood charcoal grill cleaning tool designed to remove the grit, grime and ash from the bowl and lid of your charcoal kettle. Regular cleaning will keep your charcoal kettle in top condition for years of enjoyable grilling.

Kettle Scrape's™ patented double-bevel curved blade 
matches the curve of the kettle bowl and lid to scrape away the gunk.

How To Use Kettle Scrape™

  1. Remove the cold grilling and charcoal grates.

  2. Grasp Kettle Scrape™ with one hand as shown in the photo.

  3. Working around the bowl push the grit, grime and ash into the kettle's ash slots.

  4. Scrape the grease and scale from the inside of the lid in a similar fashion.

  5. When you have cleared the gunk replace the charcoal and grilling grates and prepare the grill for your cook.

Benefits of Regular Cleaning
  • Your food will not taste like yesterday's cook.

  • Your kettle's air vents will operate better.

  • Your kettle's annual deep cleaning will be easier.

  • You will extend the useful life of your kettle grill.

Why Clean Your Charcoal Kettle and Lid?

Cleaning the grit and grime from the inside of your charcoal kettle and lid is vital to maintaining the long-term health of your grill.

When you grill or smoke meat, grease and soot is deposited everywhere inside your kettle. These deposits form a sticky grime making opening and closing the lid vent difficult. And if lid grease and scale flakes and falls onto your food your cook will suffer.

Plus, when BBQ sauce, apple cider, fats, grease  and other drippings from your food collect at the bottom of the bowl your kettle vent will become stuck and eventually will not open. 

Don't Use Abrasive Tools to Clean Your Kettle

Many grilling authorities offer tips for cleaning your charcoal kettle. These usually involve a grill brush, wire brush, steel wool or putty knife to dislodge the grit and grime buildup.  This is NOT a good idea. Use of abrasive tools most certainly will scratch your kettle, remove the factory baked-on porcelain enamel coating and subject your kettle to rust, which can shorten the useful life of your grill

Kettle Scrape™ is the only non-abrasive tool specifically designed to clean your kettle and not scratch the porcelain coating. 

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