How do I use Kettle Scrape™ to clean my charcoal kettle grill?

  1. When your kettle grill is cold, remove the grilling and ash grates.

  2. Clear the ash buildup with the on-board cleaning system (such as the Weber One-Touch System or other).

  3. Scrape the kettle bowl with Kettle Scrape™  pushing the residual ash, grime and debris through the vent slots.

  4. Scrape the inside of the kettle lid removing any loose scale and deposited grit and grime.

Since Kettle Scrape™ is available in a short- and long-handle version, which scraper should I choose?

The standard or short handle version is aimed at relatively shallow kettles like Weber's 14' thru 26" grills. For longer reach into a deeper kettle like a Weber Bullet or Kamado grill a long handle model is best. 

Do I use Kettle Scrape™ when the grill is hot?

No. Remove the grilling and charcoal grates when they are cold and then scrape the kettle and lid. 

Do I need to clean my Kettle Scrape™ after each use?

What is Kettle Scrape™ made of?

Will Kettle Scrape™ damage the factory porcelain enamel on my kettle grill?

How do I care for my Kettle Scraper™?

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