Kettle Scrape™ is made in four sizes to fit popular charcoal kettle grills 

Charcoal grills are available in various sizes to meet the cooking needs of grilling enthusiasts. Whether you grill for one or two people using a small 14" diameter table top charcoal grill or are cooking for a yard full of friends and family with an enormous 37" diameter grill, your charcoal kettle cleaning need is the same. 


Our kettle scrapers are currently offered in four sizes -- 14", 18", 22" and 26" -- to fit popular charcoal grill sizes. Each  Kettle Scrape™ model features a curved scraping edge that matches the diameter of the grill so the blade is always in contact with the kettle bowl surface. This patented design allows the scraper to smoothly remove the grime and gunk from the bowl and scrape it into the kettle's ash slots. 

Choose the Kettle Scrape™ model that matches the diameter of your charcoal grill.  

Kettle Scrape™ 22 at work

Kettle Scrapes™ fit the popular charcoal grills shown below.  Scrapers for other charcoal grill sizes and models such as the Big Green Egg™, Kamado Big Joe™ and Kamado Stand-Alone™ may be offered in the future.  

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